CEAS Aeronautical Journal

An Official Journal of the Council of European Aerospace Societies

ISSN: 1869-5582 (Print) 1869-5590 (Online)


The CEAS Aeronautical Journal is devoted to publishing new developments and results in all areas of aeronautics-related science and technology. Also of interest are (invited) in-depth reviews of the status of development in specific areas of relevance to aeronautics and descriptions of the potential way forward. The topics of the journal are aeroacoustics, aeroelasticity, air transport system, air traffic management, flight mechanics, flight physics and aerodynamics, propulsion, structures and materials. Reports on new developments in design and manufacturing of aircraft, rotorcraft, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles are also welcome.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles, (invited) reviews and short communications.

The CEAS Aeronautical Journal and the CEAS Space Journal were created under the umbrella of CEAS to provide an appropriate platform for excellent scientific publications submitted by scientists and engineers. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA) support the Journals.

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