Gyroscopy and Navigation

ISSN: 2075-1087 (Print) 2075-1109 (Online)


Gyroscopy and Navigation covers the following subjects:

- Integrated navigation systems
- Inertial navigation, orientation, and stabilization systems
- Satellite and INS/GNSS navigation systems
- Inertial sensors, including MEMS
- Motion control systems
- New methods of navigation data processing
- Gravimetrical systemsGravimetrical systems
- Navigation aids (logs, echo sounders, magnetic compasses)
-Marine communication systems and devices
- Hydroacoustics
- Elements and equipment for precision electromechanics.

The journal is published by the State Research Center of the Russian Federation –Concern CSRI Elektropribor, the leading institute in Russia in the field of high-precisionnavigation, gyroscopy, gravimetry, and submarine optoelectronics, also involved indevelopment and production of marine radio communication and hydroacousticsystems. It is co-sponsored by the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control – aninternational public association uniting scientists from eleven countries.

Editor-in-Chief is V.G. Peshekhonov, D.Sci., Prof., Academician of the RussianAcademy of Sciences.

The journal objective is publication and distribution of original research results ontheory, design, experiments and applications of navigation sensors and equipment. Thejournal provides an international forum for research contributions in navigation andmotion control systems, being one of the most complex high-tech instrumentation areas.Along with original research, Gyroscopy and Navigation publishes review and tutorialpapers. All the articles are peer-reviewed.

The editorial board consists of outstanding scientists working in the covered researchareas. The board members work toward improving the journal contents and inviteleading specialists from Russia and abroad.

Reviewers team includes more than 50 famous scientists from Russia, Germany,Ukraine, and Finland.

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