Journal for Labour Market Research

ISSN: 2510-5019 (Print) 2510-5027 (Online)


The Journal for Labour Market Research is a quarterly journal in the interdisciplinary field of labour market research. As of 2016 the Journal publishes Open Access. The journal follows international research standards and strives for international visibility. With its empirical and multidisciplinary orientation, the journal publishes papers in English language concerning the labour market, employment, education / training and careers. The journal is distinct from most others in the field, as it provides a platform for contributions from a broad range of academic disciplines. The editors encourage replication studies, as well as studies based on international comparisons. Accordingly, authors are expected to make their empirical data available to readers who might wish to replicate a published work on request. Supported by an international Editorial Board, each research article is reviewed by two peer reviewers, who remain anonymous for the author. In addition to the regular issues, special issues covering selected topics are published at least once a year. As of April 2015 the Journal for Labour Market Research has a "No Revisions" option for submissions (see ‘Instructions for Authors’).

For readers: All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( You can read, redistribute and reuse the articles for free, as long as you cite the authors of the original work properly and indicate if changes were made.

For authors: The open access fees for this journal are kindly sponsored by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). You do not have to pay for submission or publication.  By publishing with open access you can keep the copyright.

Up to Volume 44 (2011) the journal was published as "Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung" in German and English language.

Officially cited as: J Labour Market Res        

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