Securitas Vialis

Revista Europea de Tráfico, Transporte y Seguridad Vial (European Magazine for Traffic, Transport and Road Safety)

ISSN: 1888-9697 (Print) 1989-1679 (Online)


This journal is no longer published after completion of volume 9 (2017)

Road safety is a holistic system conformed by Human factor, infrastructures, vehicles and law. All of them are involved in road safety. There´s a growing pressure trough western societies to reduce fatalities in our roads. Universities and experts are in charge of investigation and Securitas Vialis wants to be an advanced intermediate to spread all the technical knowledge on road safety.
In an environment were bigger consciousness-raising on the importance of the Road Safety exists, the objectives of the publication are: Gather the scientific world workers in a Community, position Springer as the leader in Contents in Road Safety, creating and interesting and useful informative publication, and position Springer as the leader in Opinion, creating and leading a Community in this field and using it as a Lobby before government agencies and international bodies.

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