Volume 22, Issue 3, June 2009

ISSN: 1024-8560 (Print) 2070-0393 (Online)

In this issue (16 articles)

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    Atmospheric Radiation, Optical Weather, and Climate

    Dynamic factors in the formation of the earth’s cloud field

    L. T. Matveev, Yu. L. Matveev, E. Yu. Nikolaeva Pages 325-330
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    Optical Models and Databases of Optical Information About the Environment

    Forecasting estimates of surface air temperature changes by the wavelet transformation method

    S. Yu. Zolotov, I. I. Ippolitov, S. V. Loginov Pages 331-337
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    Equipment and Methods of Environmental Diagnostics

    Remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere based on lunar eclipse observations

    O. S. Ugolnikov, I. A. Maslov Pages 365-369