Volume 15, Issue 7, August 2011

ISSN: 1279-7707 (Print) 1760-4788 (Online)

In this issue (12 articles)

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    Health Promotion Program on Prevention of Late Onset Dementia

    IAGG Workshop: Health promotion program on prevention of late onset dementia

    S. Andrieu, I. Aboderin, J. -P. Baeyens Article:562
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    Body Mass Index in a Large Cohort of Patients Assigned to Age Decades Between <20 and ≥80 Years

    Body mass index in a large cohort of patients assigned to age decades between <20 and ≥80 years: Relationship with cardiovascular morbidity and medication

    A. Dzien, H. Winner, E. Theurl Pages 536-541
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    Predicting the Outcome of Long-Term Care by Clinical and Functional Indices

    Predicting the outcome of long-term care by clinical and functional indices: The role of nutritional status

    Lorenzo M. Donini, M. R. de Felice, C. Savina Pages 586-592