Volume 13, Issue 4, April 2009

ISSN: 1279-7707 (Print) 1760-4788 (Online)

In this issue (27 articles)

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    Use of CSF Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

    Use of CSF biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials

    K. Blennow, H. Zetterberg Article:358
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    Sleep Disorders and Their Impacts on Healthy, Dependent, and Frail Older Adults

    Sleep disorders and their impacts on healthy, dependent, and frail older adults

    Valérie Cochen, C. Arbus, M. E. Soto Pages 322-329
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    Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease Trials — Biomarkers for What? A Discussion Paper

    Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease trials — biomarkers for what? A discussion paper

    S. Lovestone, M. Thambisetty Pages 334-336
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    JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging

    Interpreting biomarker data in therapeutic trials

    P. S. Aisen Pages 337-338
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    JNHA: Clinical Trials and Aging

    How can we recognize “disease modification” effects?

    E. R. Siemers Pages 341-343
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    Use of Biomarkers to Select the Target Population for Clinical Trials

    Use of biomarkers to select the target population for clinical trials in subjects with mild cognitive impairment

    P. J. Visser Pages 344-345
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    Molecular Imaging Markers in Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease

    Molecular imaging markers in clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease

    A. Nordberg Pages 346-347
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    Neuro-Imaging: Structural and Functional Imaging

    Neuro-imaging: Structural and functional imaging

    G. B. Frisoni Pages 348-349
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    Structural Imaging Markers for Therapeutic Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease

    Structural imaging markers for therapeutic trials in Alzheimer’s disease

    N. C. Fox, J. Kennedy Pages 350-352
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    Interest of the New Criteria for Drug Trials in AD

    Interest of the new criteria for drug trials in AD

    B. Dubois Pages 356-357
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    What We Have Learned from the Myriad Trials

    What we have learned from the myriad trials

    S. B. Hendrix, G. K. Wilcock Pages 362-364
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