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Soziale Passagen
Soziale Passagen

Journal für Empirie und Theorie Sozialer Arbeit

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Soziale Passagen - Journal für Theorie und Empirie Sozialer Arbeit ("Social Passages - Journal for Empirical and Theoretical Research of Social Work") is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal containing high-quality empirical and theoretical research of social work. The journal promotes inter- and transdisciplinary debates by representing the breadth of social work, pedagogical theory and empirical research. It addresses teachers and students of universities, colleges and research institutes as well as research-oriented managers and professional specialists in social work.

Soziale Passagen stands for a clearly outlined empirical foundation and the "discovery" of universities, research projects and research institutes as places of practice . Its topical section "Im Blickpunkt" aims to intensify internal specialist discourses by containing scholarly and professional contributions on the necessary readjustments in social work due to the challenges provoked by social changes. Unsolicited submissions are published in the "Forum", with the section "Praxis Hochschule" presenting short reports from on-going research projects.