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Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

International Journal for Theory, Real World Modelling and Simulations

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Aims and Scope

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems is a multidisciplinary journal whose aim is to publish high quality original research papers in

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Integral and Integro-Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, Bifurcation Theory and Dynamical Systems Theory. Articles devoted to the application of methods and techniques from the above fields of Analysis to Neural Networks, Control Theory; Physical, Biological, Medical, Social and Engineering Sciences are also welcome.

In particular, for studies related to modelling aspects in all the above areas, it is essential that the mathematical results be interpreted and translated to the application domains by substantiating the usefulness of the research in solving problems in those realms. Papers dealing with computational and numerical aspects will not be considered for publication unless supported by strong theoretical results and analyses.


The mission of the journal envisages to serve scientists through prompt publication of significant advances in the branches of science and technology beforehand outlined and to provide a forum for the discussion of new scientific developments.