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Clinical, Translational and Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism

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Diabetologia - Special Issue: The Pancreas in Health and in Diabetes

Pancreas Full imageThis year’s special issue puts the spotlight on the pancreas and its role in health and in diabetes.  With discussions on the anatomy of the whole pancreas to the role of the individual cellular components and their intra- and intercellular interactions, this series of reviews aims to provide an in-depth overview of what we know about this important organ and what we are yet to discover. Topics include: insulin production and diabetes-associated abnormalities; beta cells as autoimmune targets; functional changes in the ageing beta cell; pancreas/islet/beta cell transplant strategies; alpha cell–beta cell communication; the islet microenvironment and endocrine cell function; central nervous system control of the endocrine pancreas; and approaches to connect molecular profiles with functional properties underlying insulin secretion.

The pancreas in health and in diabetes. Sally M. Marshall

Organisation of the human pancreas in health and in diabetes. Mark A. Atkinson, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Irina Kusmartseva & Klaus H. Kaestner

Transcription factors that shape the mammalian pancreas. Rachel E. Jennings, Raphael Scharfmann & Willem Staels

The making of insulin in health and disease. Jovana Vasiljević, Juha M. Torkko, Klaus-Peter Knoch & Michele Solimena

Metabolic and functional specialisations of the pancreatic beta cell: gene disallowance, mitochondrial metabolism and intercellular connectivity. Guy A. Rutter, Eleni Georgiadou, Aida Martinez-Sanchez & Timothy J. Pullen

Presumption of innocence for beta cells: why are they vulnerable autoimmune targets in type 1 diabetes? Roberto Mallone & Decio L. Eizirik

Early beta cell dysfunction vs insulin hypersecretion as the primary event in the pathogenesis of dysglycaemia. Nathalie Esser, Kristina M. Utzschneider & Steven E. Kahn

Functional changes in beta cells during ageing and senescence. Cristina Aguayo-Mazzucato

A tale of two pancreases: exocrine pathology and endocrine dysfunction. Michael R. Rickels, Andrew W. Norris & Rebecca L. Hull

The clinical consequences of heterogeneity within and between different diabetes types. Maria J. Redondo, William A. Hagopian, Richard Oram, Andrea K. Steck, Kendra Vehik, Michael Weedon, Ashok Balasubramanyam & Dana Dabelea

Transplant strategies for type 1 diabetes: whole pancreas, islet and porcine beta cell therapies. Melena D. Bellin & Ty B. Dunn

Paracrine regulation of insulin secretion. Mark O. Huising

Alpha cell regulation of beta cell function. Tilo Moede, Ingo B. Leibiger & Per-Olof Berggren

Beta cell dysfunction in diabetes: the islet microenvironment as an unusual suspect. Joana Almaça, Alejandro Caicedo & Limor Landsman

CNS control of the endocrine pancreas. Chelsea L. Faber, Jennifer D. Deem, Carlos A. Campos, Gerald J. Taborsky Jr. & Gregory J. Morton

Molecular and functional profiling of human islets: from heterogeneity to human phenotypes. Rafael Arrojo e Drigo, Birbickram Roy & Patrick E. MacDonald