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Clinical, Translational and Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism

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Incretins in Metabolic Disease: Pathophysiology and Therapy

There is currently significant attention surrounding glucose-lowering drugs based on incretins, a group of hormones released from the intestine that play a vital role in regulating whole-body glucose metabol...
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Insulin 100 – celebrating 100 years of insulin

Diabetologia is excited to announce its 2021 special issue: Celebrating 100 years of insulin. Reviews in this issue describe events related to the discovery of insulin, complications of insulin use and futur...
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Precision Diabetes Medicine

The 2022 special issue of Diabetologia highlights advances in precision medicine in diabetes research and care. It has long been clear that the ability to collect large data sets and to analyse them quickly ...
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SGLT2 Inhibitors

This special series of reviews focuses on the newest class of glucose-lowering agents, the sodium–glucose cotransporter (SGLT) inhibitors. Rieg and Vallon begin the series by tracing the development of the S...
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