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Aims and scope

The Journal of Hematopathology aims at providing pathologists with a special interest in hematopathology with information needed to perform high-quality diagnostic pathology of hematopoietic and lymphoid diseases in lymphoid tissues, bone marrow and peripheral blood. To this end the journal publishes reviews, editorials, comments, original papers, guidelines and protocols, papers on ancillary techniques, case reports, and images on all topics within the subspecialty of diagnostic hematopathology.

The journal is a useful reference point for all pathologists with an interest in hematopathology. Molecular biologists involved in the expanding field of molecular diagnostics and research on lymphomas and leukemia benefit from the journal, too. Furthermore, the journal is of major interest for hematologists dealing with patients suffering from lymphomas, leukemias, and other benign and malignant hematopoietic and lymphoid diseases.

The journal maintains an international character among its editors, editorial board and authorship, as the field of hematopathology has considerable geographical variations in incidence of diseases. This is not only locally relevant, but due to globalization, relevant for all those involved in the management of patients with hematolymphoid patients.