Sports Engineering

ISSN: 1369-7072 (Print) 1460-2687 (Online)


Sports Engineering is an international journal publishing original papers on the application of engineering and science to sport. The journal intends to fill the niche area which lies between classical engineering and sports science and aims to bridge the gap between the analysis of the equipment and of the athlete. Areas of interest include the mechanics and dynamics of sport, the analysis of movement, instrumentation, equipment design, surface interaction, materials and modelling. These topics may be applied to technology in almost any sport. The journal will be of particular interest to Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Sports Science Departments and will act as a forum where research, industry and the sports sector can exchange knowledge and innovative ideas.

The key themes of the journal are :

-Mechanical, materials and electrical engineering applications to sporting scenarios

-Aerodynamics of sporting scenarios

-Physics of sport

-Mathematics of sport

-Biomechanics with applications to sports equipment

-Design of sports equipment

-Equipment Testing

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