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Aims and scope

Fibers and Polymers, the journal of the Korean Fiber Society, provides you with state-of-the-art research in fiber and polymer science and technology related to developments in the textile industry.
Bridging the gap between fiber science and polymer science, the journal's topics include fiber structure and property, dyeing and finishing, textile processing, and apparel science.


The international monthly journal Fibers and Polymers publishes original research results in the fields of fiber and polymer science & engineering. Founded in the beginning of a new millennium, Fibers and Polymers starts with international readership and authorship, combining into one journal such closely related themes as fiber and polymer technologies. 
The journal, Fibers and Polymers, is unique because it covers interdisciplinary areas related to chemistry, physics, and engineering of fibers, polymers, textiles, and composites.


  • Chemistry and Physics of Fiber Materials
  •  Nanofiber and Its application
  •  Biopolymer and Its Application
  • Polymer Composites
  • Functional Modification of Fibers and Textiles
  • Colorants and Dyeing
  •  Fiber Spinning and Textile Processing
  • Smart Intelligence Materials