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Aims and scope

Psychological Injury and Law is a civil forensic scholarly journal designed as a multidisciplinary, scientific-based forum for the dissemination of research articles and scholarly exchanges about issues pertaining to the interface of psychology and law in the areas of trauma, injury, and their psychological impact. Through its publications and critical commentary, the journal helps build the evidentiary research base of the field, critically examines its key concepts, and informs practice about the scientific standards, guidelines, court expectations, and ethics required to work in the field.

Psychological impairments and disabilities may arise from physical and/or mental injuries attributed to alleged negligent actions. They need to be judiciously assessed for their validity and treated when evaluated as valid. They lead to legal and related action when there are long term or permanent effects, impairments, dysfunctions, or disabilities.

  • Publishes on typical DSM-5 diagnoses and conditions related to psychological injuries, including PTSD, Somatic Symptom Disorder with predominant pain, and mild traumatic brain injury
  • Addresses these conditions, which are all contested in court, and requires respondent validity testing with performance validity tests and symptom validity tests
  • Publishes on court rulings that govern practice in the field, especially including the Daubert trilogy
  • Advocates that the best way of dealing with the adversarial divide in court is to undertake comprehensive, scientifically informed, unbiased assessments