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BioEnergy Research - Celebrating 15 Years of BioEnergy Research: A Journey Towards Sustainable Solutions

Dear Reader,

We are delighted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of BioEnergy Research, a journal committed to advancing sustainable solutions for our global energy needs. Since its inception in 2008, BioEnergy Research has established itself as a prominent platform for scientists, engineers, policymakers, and industry professionals to exchange their research, insights, and experiences in the field of bioenergy. The journal has consistently published cutting-edge research that explores the entire bioenergy value chain, from biomass feedstock production and conversion technologies to biofuel synthesis, optimization, and distribution.  

As we celebrate this milestone, we acknowledge that the journey toward a sustainable bioenergy future is ongoing and unpredictable due to macroeconomic and political events. When the journal’s first issue was published in the fall of 2008, the price of a barrel of oil had reached a record high of US$140, which offered great promise for the large-scale implementation of biofuels. This did not last, as evidenced by the low price of US$11 in April 2020, when the economic effects COVID-19 pandemic took hold.  The reality of global climate change, however, leave us no choice but to pursue environmentally and economically sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.  BioEnergy Research will continue to push boundaries, embrace emerging technologies, and address critical research gaps. Here are some significant highlights:

  • A total of 1605 articles have been published to date.
  • The first impact factor (IF) was assigned to the journal in 2010
  • From 2008 to the present, 3751 reviewers have submitted their assessments, resulting in a total of 7868 reports.
  • The most cited and downloaded article of all time is "Second Generation Biofuels: High-Efficiency Microalgae for Biodiesel Production (," published in 2008 by Peer M. Schenk, Skye R. Thomas-Hall, Evan Stephens, Ute C. Marx, Jan H. Mussgnug, Clemens Posten, Olaf Kruse, and Ben Hankamer. This groundbreaking article has received 1,455 citations and accumulated 24,241 downloads to date.

We would like to take this moment to recognize our past Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Michael Casler (2008-2018) and Dr. Richard Dixon (2008-2017), both of whom helped launch the journal, and Dr. Wallace (Wally) Tyner who served from 2017 until he passed away in 2019. Their exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in the journal's growth and advancement. We also appreciate the dedication of the team at Springer, especially Valeriana Ramondo, Judy Balloso and Aila Nuique.

We are deeply grateful to our Associate Editors (some of whom have served since 2008), authors, reviewers, and readers who have contributed to the success of BioEnergy Research over the years. Your commitment to advancing the field of bioenergy and driving sustainable change has played a significant role in shaping the journal's reputation and impact.

As Co-Editors-in-Chief, we reaffirm our dedication to maintaining the highest editorial standards, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. We invite researchers and practitioners from around the world to continue sharing their innovative research and valuable insights with BioEnergy Research.  Together, let us pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous bioenergy future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Jerome Dumortier, Héctor Ruiz, Wilfred Vermerris
Co-Editors in Chief
BioEnergy Research