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Aims and scope

BioEnergy Research fills a void in the rapidly growing area of research related to biomass (terrestrial plant and algal), biofuels, bioenergy, biochemicals, and biomaterials. It brings together a unique and broad combination of disciplines focused on the science, engineering and cost associated with the production of biological feedstocks and their utilization. The journal publishes a wide range of articles, including peer-reviewed scientific original research, short communications, reviews, perspectives and commentary, industry news, and government policy updates.

BioEnergy Research Journal focuses on the following areas:
  • Genetic improvement and molecular genetics of feedstocks
  • Feedstock development using transgenics
  • Plant cell wall biosynthesis and chemical characterization of biomass
  • Biomass pretreatment and fractionation
  • Bioprocess integration (engineering/technological aspects), enzyme technology, microbial conversion (fermentation)
  • Management of biomass and bioenergy
  • Bioenergy, climate change, and sustainability aspects of bioenergy
  • Life cycle assessment, environmental and supply chain impact analysis
  • Economics and policy, empirical analyses and modeling, technoeconomic analyses
  • Biodiesel and chemicals derived from oil crops and algae
  • Thermochemical processes
  • Anaerobic digestion

BioEnergy Research is not an appropriate platform for manuscripts that focus on fossil fuels or chemicals derived from fossil fuels or studies focused solely on the combustion properties of fuels.  

In order to be considered for peer review, manuscripts submitted to BioEnergy Research need to meet the journal’s standard for experimental design and data analysis as described in the article  “Replication Concepts for Bioenergy Research Experiments”