Journal of Chemical Biology

ISSN: 1864-6158 (Print) 1864-6166 (Online)


The Journal of Chemical Biology (JOCB) is a unique, quarterly, interdisciplinary journal. It publishes novel, peer-reviewed, highly cited articles. JOCB is the only platform for this fast evolving multidisciplinary research community. JOCB:

  • disseminates new research achievements through short communications or articles;
  • discusses and creates awareness of research trends through opinion papers and reviews;
  • shares interesting tools and developments that are not yet applicable towards biological problems as notes;
  • exchanges information within the chemical biology research community, which includes news on conferences, grants, and job opportunities as well as book and instrument reviews.

Chemical biology was established initially as an interdisciplinary approach that employed chemical synthesis to address biological questions. However, this research area is now growing and evolving, quickly absorbing more and more aspects of the physical sciences (experimental as well as theoretical tools and techniques) that can be used to elucidate research problems in the life sciences (biological and medical). The editors have created a journal that publishes original and innovative research as well as topical research summaries of the highest quality catering to both the physical and life sciences. Published manuscripts therefore employ innovative tools and/or techniques drawn from the physical sciences to address biological/medical research problems in a quantitative fashion. Our peer-review process routinely incorporates expertise from both disciplines to ensure that the only highest quality articles are published.

For further information concerning the remit of this journal please visit the "Aims and Scope" as well as the "Letter from the Editors".

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