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American Journal of Criminal Justice

The Journal of the Southern Criminal Justice Association

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  • Open Access in the American Journal of Criminal Justice

    The American Journal of Criminal Justice is Hybrid journal, publishing both paywalled and Open Access articles. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted manuscript following blinded peer review and editorial evaluation may publish either in subscription format, without paying a fee, or in Open Access format through our Open Choice program. Authors of accepted papers are guided through a process of determining eligibility for article-processing fee (APC) funding, which will support their paper's publication in Open Access format.

    If you're interested in publishing Open Access research in this journal., start by assessing your eligibility for funding—through Springer's Nature's Open Choice program as well as our fast-expanding Transformative agreements (scroll down) with a wide range of countries and institutions.

    Explore all of the Open Access articles published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice here.