Volume 80, Issue 4, April 2013

ISSN: 0019-5456 (Print) 0973-7693 (Online)

In this issue (20 articles)

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    General Practitioner's Column

    Childhood Obesity

    Anju Seth, Rajni Sharma Pages 309-317
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    Symposium on pgimer management protocols in gastrointestinal emergencies

    Management of a Child with Vomiting

    Sunit C. Singhi, Ravi Shah, Arun Bansal, M. Jayashree Pages 318-325
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    Symposium on PGIMER Management Protocols in Gastrointestinal Emergencies

    Approach to a Child with Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

    Sunit Singhi, Puneet Jain, M. Jayashree, Sadhna Lal Pages 326-333
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    IgM Nephropathy

    Muhammed Mubarak Pages 357-358