Steel in Translation

ISSN: 0967-0912 (Print) 1935-0988 (Online)


The industrial engineering journal Steel in Translation covers theoretical and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy. It presents material translated from the two leading Russian ferrous metallurgical journals – Stal" and Izvestia VUZ Chernaya Metallurgiya – reflecting the state of iron- and steelmaking in the former Soviet Union. Steelmakers and equipment suppliers worldwide regard Steel in Translation as a cost-effective means of monitoring progress and assessing opportunity in a marketplace that now invites participation from the West. Coverage ranges wide, including such topics as Blast furnaces; Steelmaking; Cast iron; Metal science, physics, and heat treatment; Electrical metallurgy of steel and ferroalloys; New metallic materials and processes; Metal working, rolling, pipe and tube production; Casting; Automation of processes and plant equipment; Industrial economics; Resource conservation; Ecology and industrial waste recycling; and Physical chemistry and theory of metallurgical processes.

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