Solid Fuel Chemistry

ISSN: 0361-5219 (Print) 1934-8029 (Online)


This Russian Academy of Sciences journal publishes theoretical and applied articles on the chemistry and physics of solid fuels and carbonaceous materials. It addresses the composition, structure and properties of solid fuels and their conversion by different processes into other fuels, chemicals and by-products. Included is coverage of the technological aspects of various chemical conversion processes. From the geochemistry, petrology and systematization of fossil fuels, to their beneficiation and preparation for processing, the processes themselves, and the ultimate recovery of the liquid or gaseous end products, this journal provides comprehensive information on the chemistry of solid fuels.
Major subjects covered are:

  • Composition and structure of solid fuels
  • Genesis of solid fuels
  • Coal combustion
  • Coal organic matter analysis
  • Pyrolysis of low-rank coal, oil shale and peat
  • Coal liquefaction
  • Coal gasification
  • High temperature pyrolysis
  • Fossil fuel chemistry
  • Hydrocarbon and oxygenate production from synthesis gas
  • Synthetic fuel production from coal via synthesis gas
  • GTL process
  • Carbon adsorbents and their physical-chemical properties
  • Utilization of mineral components of fuels
  • Chemical engineering of low-rank coal and peat
  • Chemical reprocessing of tars and flue gases
  • Biologically active substances in fossil coal
  • Graphite and electrode production
  • Use of graphite in nuclear power plants
  • Recycling of carbon-containing waste
  • Ecological analysis of trace elements in coal
  • Environmental aspects of mining and coal processing

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