Volume 26, Issue 3, July 2018

ISSN: 1541-308X (Print) 1934-807X (Online)

In this issue (9 articles)

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    Nonlinear Optics of Nanostructures

    Giant Kerr Nonlinearity for Three-Coupled-Quantum-Well Nanostructures

    A. Raheli Pages 182-190
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    Propagation of Multibeam Optical Radiation

    Structure of Electromagnetic Fields in Crossed Gaussian Beams

    A. V. Borovskiy, A. L. Galkin Pages 191-197
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    Dynamics of Liquid Clusters in an Electrical Field

    Damping Oscillations of Microdroplets of a Droplet Cluster in an External Electric Field

    D. N. Gabyshev Pages 221-233