Moscow University Mechanics Bulletin

ISSN: 0027-1330 (Print) 1934-8452 (Online)


Moscow University Mechanics Bulletin publishes articles covering all areas of mechanics, from continuum mechanics to rigid body dynamics, vibrations, wave propagation and random processes, with an emphasis on analytical and approximate analytical approaches rather than experimental and numerical methods. Major topics covered include: Classical mechanics; Elasticity and plasticity; Stability; Mechanics of deformable solids; Mechanics of composite materials; Vibrations; Wave propagation;

Random processes in mechanics; Perturbation theory; Statistical mechanics; Fluid and gas mechanics; Hydrodynamics; Aeromechanics; and more.

Articles originate not only from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, but also from the university's renowned Institute of Mechanics and various Russian Academy of Sciences institutes in the Moscow area.

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