Moscow University Geology Bulletin

ISSN: 0145-8752 (Print) 1934-8436 (Online)


The Moscow University Geology Bulletin covers all geological disciplines and all periods of Earth history, across the former Soviet Union. The Bulletin publishes articles on research conducted by some of Russia's most prominent geologists among the faculty of Geology at Lomonosov Moscow State University, the largest educational and scientific geological center in Russia.

The broad scope of coverage includes dynamic geology; geology and geochemistry of mineral and fuel resources; lithology and marine geology; petrology and mineralogy; crystallography and crystallochemistry; hydrogeology; engineering and ecological geology; geocryology; neotectonics, fault tectonics and movements; geophysical exploration methods and more.

The journal is especially focused on research in geocryology, geological environmental protection, evolutionary petrology, marine geology and nonlinear petroleum-gas geology.

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