Mathematics Education

ISSN: 1863-9690 (Print) 1863-9704 (Online)


ZDM is one of the oldest mathematics education research journals in publication. The journal surveys, discusses, and builds upon current research and theoretical-based perspectives in mathematics education. In addition, it serves as a forum for critical analysis of issues within the field.

All the papers published in the journal's seven annual themed issues are strictly by invitation. These papers are subject to an internal peer review by selected members from the editorial board as well as an external review by invited experts. The journal targets readers from around the world in mathematics education research who are interested in current developments in the field.

Issues in 2017

49(1) Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness in Mathematics Education
Eds.: Florence Mihaela Singer, Linda Jensen Sheffield, Roza Leikin

49(2) Impact of University Teacher Education Programs on Teacher Change and Mathematics Teaching Practice
Eds.: Shuhua An, Olive Chapman

49(3) Emotions and Motivation in Mathematics Education
Eds.: Stanislaw Schukajlow, Katrin Rakoczy, Reinhard Pekrun

49(4) Applying (cognitive) theory-based instructional design principles in mathematics teaching and learning
Eds.: Lieven Verschaffel, Wim van Dooren, Jon Star

49(5) Mathematical Tasks and the Student
Eds.: David Clarke, Alf Coles, Heather Johnson

49(6) Digital curricula in mathematics education
Eds.: Birgit Pepin, Jeffrey Choppin

49(7) Mathematical Creativity and Psychology: Back to the Future?
Ed.: Bharath Sriraman

Issues in 2018

50(1-2) Empirical research on the teaching and learning of mathematical modelling
Eds.: Gabriele Kaiser, Marcelo Borba, Stanislaw Schukajlow, Gloria Stillman

50(3) Studying Instructional Quality in Mathematics through Different Lenses: In Search of Common Ground
Eds.: Charalambos Y. Charalambous, Anna-Katharina Praetorius

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