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Aims and scope

Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B: Focus on Physics is a peer-reviewed journal encompassing the following subjects: elementary physical and chemical processes; structure of chemical compounds, reactivity, effect of external field and environment on chemical transformations; molecular dynamics and molecular organization; dynamics and kinetics of photo and radiation-induced processes; mechanism of chemical reactions in gas and condensed phases and at interfaces; chain and thermal processes of ignition, combustion, and detonation in gases, two-phase and condensed systems; supercritical fluids; shock waves; new physical methods of examining chemical reactions; and biological processes in chemical physics. The journal publishes original manuscripts submitted in English, as well as translated works. The sources of content are indicated at the article level. The peer review policy of the journal is independent of the manuscript source, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation process for all submissions. As part of its aim to become an international publication, the journal welcomes submissions in English from all countries.