Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2013

ISSN: 1990-7931 (Print) 1990-7923 (Online)

In this issue (20 articles)

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    Structure of Chemical Compounds. Spectroscopy

    Quadrupole interactions in lithium borodeuteride

    V. P. Tarasov Pages 397-406
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    Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves

    Specifics of the combustion of aluminum-water mixtures

    V. M. Shmelev, S. V. Finyakov Pages 437-447
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    Physical Methods of Research of Chemical Reactions

    Chemiluminescent methods for studying inhibited oxidation

    I. F. Rusina, O. N. Karpukhin, O. T. Kasaikina Pages 463-477
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    Chemical Physics of Atmospheric Phenomena

    A computer study of ammonium adsorption on water clusters

    A. E. Galashev Pages 502-508