Volume 2, Issue 5, October 2008

ISSN: 1990-7931 (Print) 1990-7923 (Online)

In this issue (26 articles)

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    Structure of Chemical Compounds, Spectroscopy

    On the second moment of the multiquantum NMR spectrum of a solid

    V. E. Zobov, A. A. Lundin Pages 676-683
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    Effect of External Factors on Physicochemical Transformations

    Effective ionization of air in a near-critical electric field at high temperatures

    V. L. Bychkov, I. I. Esakov, A. Yu. Lomteva Pages 697-700
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    Reactivity. Kinetics of Chemical Reactions. Catalysis

    Reduction of malachite by polymers under nonisothermal conditions

    E. G. Grigor’yan, O. M. Niazyan, S. L. Kharatyan Pages 711-715
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