Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2016

ISSN: 1990-7931 (Print) 1990-7923 (Online)

In this issue (22 articles)

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    Structure of Chemical Compounds. Spectroscopy

    Optical properties of bismuth-doped TlCdCl3 crystal

    D. N. Vtyurina, A. N. Romanov, M. S. Kuznetsov Pages 1-4
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    Kinetics and Mechanisms of Chemical Reactions. Catalysis

    Solid-state synthesis of molybdenum–vanadium mixed oxide of tubular morphology

    A. A. Baraboshina, T. V. Sviridova Pages 28-33
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    Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves

    Effect of an electric field on surface combustion

    V. M. Shmelev Pages 34-41
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    Electric and Magnetic Properties of Materials

    High-temperature conductivity and structure of Y2(WO4)3 ceramics

    Sh. M. Khaliullin, A. Sh. Khaliullina Pages 62-68
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    Chemical Physics of Atmospheric Phenomena

    Role of neon in a decaying high-purity helium plasma

    V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Petrovskaya, Yu. E. Skoblo Pages 153-158
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    Chemical Physics of Atmospheric Phenomena

    Infrared spectroscopy of ICAO taggants

    Sh. Sh. Nabiev, D. B. Stavrovskii, L. A. Palkina Pages 159-171
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