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Aims and scope

Founded in 2002 and publishing quarterly as of 2007, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration is an international journal sponsored by the Institute of Engineering Mechanics (IEM), China Earthquake Administration, co-sponsored by the Huixian Earthquake Engineering Foundation (China), the US-China Earthquake Engineering Foundation (USA) and the Chinese Association of Earthquake Engineering. It promotes scientific exchange between Chinese and foreign scientists and engineers, to improve the theory and practice of earthquake hazards mitigation, preparedness, and recovery.

To accomplish this purpose, the journal aims to attract a balance of Chinese and international authors by publishing original and invited papers addressing the latest theories and applications of interest to earthquake engineering communities, both in China and other countries. The journal has a special interest in encouraging joint authorship between Chinese and foreign contributors such as that resulting from the PRC - US cooperative research projects.

The following is a list of some subject areas describing the scope of the journal:


















  • Evaluation of damage to structures and engineering systems resulting from recent earthquakes
  • New observations of strong motion characteristics and data processing techniques
  • Seismic risk and hazard analysis of civil infrastructure systems
  • Site effects on structures and geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Seismic behavior and design criteria for buildings and lifeline systems
  • Advances in structural dynamics relevant to earthquake engineering
  • Theory and practice of health monitoring for structures under extreme loading.
  • Seismic retrofit strategies for existing infrastructure systems
  • Structural response modification using emerging control technologies and high performance materials
  • Engineering structural vibration under wind, wave and other dy namic loading