Signal, Image and Video Processing

ISSN: 1863-1703 (Print) 1863-1711 (Online)


The journal is an interdisciplinary journal presenting the theory and practice of signal, image and video processing.  It aims at:

  • Disseminating high level research results and engineering developments to all signal, image or video processing researchers and research groups.
  • Presenting practical solutions for the current signal, image and video processing problems in Engineering and Science

It features original research work, review and tutorial papers and accounts of practical developments.  It is intended for the rapid dissemination of knowledge and experience to Scientists and Engineers working in any area related to or using signal, image and video processing.

The editorial policy and the technical content of the journal are the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board.  The journal welcomes contributions from every country in the world.  All submissions are peer reviewed by anonymous referees.

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