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An Official Journal of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

TEST is an international journal of Statistics and Probability, sponsored by the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research. English is the official language of the journal.

The emphasis of TEST is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions that demonstrate potential value for applications, and/or novel and innovative statistical methodology for solving real-world problems in a wide range of challenging disciplines. Methodological content is crucial for publication in the journal as is detailed coverage of practical implications. Theoretical contributions with related algorithms and computational tools that facilitate the application of the proposed methodologies will be especially appreciated. Original sound manuscripts on either well-established or emerging areas in the scope of the journal are welcome.

One volume is published annually in four issues. In addition to the regular contributions, each issue of TEST contains an invited paper from a world-wide recognized outstanding statistician on an up-to-date challenging topic, including discussions.

The journal is a transformation of Trabajos de Estadística which, founded by Professor Sixto Ríos, was published in Spanish from 1950 to 1991. The former editors were José M. Bernardo (1992-1996), Antonio Cuevas and Wenceslao González-Manteiga (1997-2001), Enrique Castillo and Juan Antonio Cuesta (2002-2004), María Angeles Gil and Leandro Pardo (2005-2008), Ricardo Cao and Domingo Morales (2009-2012), Alfonso Gordaliza and Ana F. Militino (2013-2016),  Jesús López-Fidalgo and María Dolores Ugarte (2017-2020). Since January 2021, the editors are Ana María Aguilera  and José Miguel Angulo.

Since 1999 the journal is covered by the Journal Citation Reports (Science Edition - Subject Category: Statistics & Probability) and it is also covered by several abstracting/indexing databases and services.

Officially cited as: Test