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Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft (ZfE) (“Journal of Educational Research”) is an established academic journal for the entire field of education. With its first issue published in 1998, ZfE was the first German education journal to consistently apply the double-blind peer review process to ensure the highest scientific standards of its publications. Since then, the journal has become well-established in the academic community and enjoys a high reputation.

ZfE publishes peer-reviewed first-class original research on current scientific developments and presents interdisciplinary research results to those interested in professional education. With the selection of editors, the advisory board and especially with the choice of topics, the journal embodies the interdisciplinary character of comprehensive educational research, the subject of which is the entire human life course. The editorial board has been assembled in such a way as to ensure a high degree of plurality with regard to theories and methodologies, the disciplines represented, neighbouring disciplines and to safeguard international developments.

The targeted inclusion of international English-language contributions enables drawing connections to research developments outside of Germany. ZfE is thus a trusted periodical that presents the international and interdisciplinary developments in broad areas of educational research that are important for education and training in a reliable, objective and comprehensible manner.