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Aims and scope

Optimization Letters is a dynamic international journal encompassing all facets of optimization, including theory, algorithms, computational studies, and applications. This journal serves as a swift and effective platform for the rapid publication of short communications in the field. Given the rapid development and expansion of optimization across disciplines, Optimization Letters plays a crucial role in disseminating information at an astonishing rate.
Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Scope: Covers all aspects of optimization, providing a platform for the publication of research in theory, algorithms, computational studies, and practical applications.
  • Rapid Publication: Offers a channel for the rapid publication of short communications, facilitating the swift dissemination of new developments in optimization.
  • Concise Articles: Features concise and succinct articles, limited to approximately 15 journal pages. This format makes the content accessible to readers seeking information on recent advancements within the field.
  • Annual Best Paper Award: Recognizes excellence through an annual Best Paper Award, highlighting contributions that demonstrate originality, significance, quality, and clarity.

Optimization Letters serves as a valuable resource for researchers and professionals working in optimization, providing a quick and accessible outlet for staying abreast of the latest developments. The journal's commitment to concise articles aligns with the dynamic nature of optimization, where new algorithmic and theoretical techniques are continually emerging and finding applications across diverse disciplines. 

Officially cited as: Optim Lett