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Aims and scope

Mycological Progress is a scientific, international journal publishing peer-reviewed basic and applied research papers, reviews and new method descriptions that target aspects of fungi, lichens and phylogenetically unrelated, fungus-like organisms.

The journal is especially interested in publishing papers on fungal diversity (keywords: systematics, taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, comparative genomics and metagenomics). Equally welcomed are general ecological contributions and especially papers describing how fungi interact with their environments or other organisms (life style and -cycle analyses, pathogenicity, symbiosis, etc.).

Mycological Progress appreciates research that is supported by deposited vouchers and living cultures and images that illustrate the ecological, morphological and ultrastructural diversity encountered in fungi.

Fungus related research topics also from other biological disciplines that fit within the scope of the journal include: biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and physiology, pathology, epidemiology, cell biology, biotechnology (including natural antibiotics, antimycotics, and other fungal secondary metabolites). Papers on all these aspects will be considered if they address a broad mycological audience.