Volume 117, Issue 7, October 2012

ISSN: 0033-8362 (Print) 1826-6983 (Online)

In this issue (17 articles)

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    Uro-Genital Radiology / Radiologia Uro-Genitale

    Upper urinary tract biopsy: an old device for a new approach

    G. Carrafiello, F. Fontana, M. Mangini, A. M. Ierardi, E. Cotta Pages 1152-1160
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    Vascular and Interventional Radiology / Radiologia Vascolare e Interventistica

    Suprarenal inferior vena cava filter implantation

    G. Carrafiello, M. Mangini, F. Fontana, A. M. Ierardi, A. Di Massa Pages 1190-1198
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    Book Review / Recensione

    Sport injuries in children and adolescents

    G. Beluffi Pages 1264-1265
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    Book Review / Recensione

    Neuroimaging in dementia

    G. Beluffi Pages 1266-1267
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    Book Review / Recensione

    Radiological imaging of the kidney

    G. Beluffi Pages 1268-1269
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    Book Review / Recensione

    Imaging of bone tumors and tumor-like lesions

    G. Beluffi Pages 1270-1271