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Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing - Editor's Choice Articles

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This index lists new and innovative original research articles specially chosen to be highlighted by the Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Editor-in-Chief in cooperation with their Editorial Board. Each chosen article will be freely-accessible for 2 months after being chosen. 

We thank the submitting authors of these articles for their contributions to the journal and to the advancement of the field at large.

Latest Research Highlights - May 2024

Development and validation of a novel ankle joint musculoskeletal model

Tao Liu, Andrea Dimitrov, Nadr Jomha, Samer Adeeb, Marwan El-Rich & Lindsey Westover

Original Article | 09 January 2024 | Pages: 1395–1407

New Content Item (1)

Obstructive sleep apnea detection during wakefulness: a comprehensive methodological review

Ali Mohammad Alqudah, Ahmed Elwali, Brendan Kupiak, Farahnaz Hajipour, Natasha Jacobson & Zahra Moussavi

Review Article | 27 January 2024 | Pages: 1277–1311

New Content Item (1)

Assessment of visual fatigue in SSVEP-based brain-computer interface: a comprehensive study

Pablo Diez, Lorena Orosco, Agustina Garcés Correa & Luciano Carmona

Original Article | 25 January 2024 | Pages: 1475–1490

New Content Item (1)

LieWaves: dataset for lie detection based on EEG signals and wavelets

Musa Aslan, Muhammet Baykara & Talha Burak Alakus

Original Article | 05 February 2024 | Pages: 1571–1588

New Content Item (1)

April 2024

Strength of ensemble learning in automatic sleep stages classification using single-channel EEG and ECG signals

Samandokht Rashidi & Babak Mohammadzadeh Asl

Original Article | 20 December 2023 | Pages: 997 - 1015

New Content Item (1)

Driving fatigue detection based on brain source activity and ARMA model

Fahimeh Nadalizadeh, Mehdi Rajabioun & Amirreza Feyzi

Original Article | 20 December 2023 | Pages: 1017 - 1030

New Content Item (1)

Effect of transmural pressure on the estimation of arterial stiffness index from the photoplethysmographic waveform

Kristjan Pilt & Andy Reiu

Original Article | 21 December 2023 | Pages: 1049 - 1059

New Content Item (1)

Identification of key gene expression associated with quality of life after recovery from COVID-19

JingXin Ren, Qian Gao, XianChao Zhou, Lei Chen, Wei Guo, KaiYan Feng, Tao Huang & Yu-Dong Cai

Original Article | 21 December 2023 | Pages: 1031 - 1048

New Content Item (1)

March 2024

Design and analysis of a compatible exoskeleton rehabilitation robot system based on upper limb movement mechanism

Yuansheng Ning, Hongbo Wang, Ying Liu, Qi Wang, Yu Rong & Jianye Niu

Original Article | 12 December 2023 | Pages: 883–899

New Content Item (1)

EEGNet-based multi-source domain filter for BCI transfer learning

Mengfan Li, Jundi Li, Zhiyong Song, Haodong Deng, Jiaming Xu, Guizhi Xu & Wenzhe Liao

Original Article | 20 November 2023 | Pages: 675 – 686

New Content Item (1)

Multiphysics and multiscale modeling of uterine contractions: integrating electrical dynamics and soft tissue deformation with fiber orientation

Abbass Ballit & Tien-Tuan Dao

Original Article | 26 November 2023 | Pages: 791–816

New Content Item (1)

Brain fiber structure estimation based on principal component analysis and RINLM filter

Yuemin Zhu & Yuanjun Wang

Original Article | 23 November 2023 | Pages: 751–771

New Content Item (1)

February 2024

Dynamic modeling of photoacoustic sensor data to classify human blood samples

Argelia Pérez-Pacheco, Roberto G. Ramírez-Chavarría, Rosa M. Quispe-Siccha & Marco P. Colín-García

Original Article | 25 October 2023 | Pages: 389 - 403

New Content Item (1)

Fetal heart rate spectral analysis in raw signals and PRSA-derived curve: normal and pathological fetuses discrimination

Giulio Steyde, Edoardo Spairani, Giovanni Magenes & Maria G. Signorini

Original Article | 27 October 2023 | Pages: 437 - 447

New Content Item (1)

Reliable and fast automatic artifact rejection of Long-Term EEG recordings based on Isolation Forest

Wenlong Wang, Baojiang Li, Haiyan Wang, Xichao Wang, Yuxin Qin, Xingbin Shi & Shuxin Liu

Original Article | 09 November 2023 | Pages: 521 - 535

New Content Item (1)

Evaluating sleep-stage classification: how age and early-late sleep affects classification performance

Eugenia Moris & Ignacio Larrabide

Review Article | 06 November 2023 | Pages: 343 - 355

New Content Item (1)

3D reconstruction of bone CT scan images based on deformable convex hull

Tao Liu, Yonghua Lu, Jiajun Xu, Haozheng Yang & Jiahui Hu

Original Article | 10 November 2023 | Pages: 551 - 561

New Content Item (1)

January 2024

Dynamical graph neural network with attention mechanism for epilepsy detection using single channel EEG

Yang Li, Yang Yang, Qinghe Zheng, Yunxia Liu, Hongjun Wang, Shangling Song & Penghui Zhao

Original Article | 07 October 2023 | Pages: 307 - 326

New Content Item (1)

A survey on brain tumor image analysis

Kashfia Sailunaz, Sleiman Alhajj, Tansel Özyer, Jon Rokne & Reda Alhajj

New Content Item (1)

Review Article | 13 September 2023 | Pages: 1 - 45

EEG-FMCNN: A fusion multi-branch 1D convolutional neural network for EEG-based motor imagery classification 

Wenlong Wang, Baojiang Li, Haiyan Wang, Xichao Wang, Yuxin Qin, Xingbin Shi & Shuxin Liu

Original Article | 20 September 2023 | Pages: 107 - 120

New Content Item (1)

Electric powered wheelchair control using user-independent classification methods based on surface electromyography signals

Hassam Iqbal, Jinchuan Zheng, Rifai Chai & Sivachandran Chandrasekaran

Original Article | 26 September 2023 | Pages: 167 - 182

New Content Item (1)

December 2023

A multi-view assisted registration network for MRI registration pre- and post-therapy

Yanxia Liu, Xiaozhen Li, Rui Li, SiJuan Huang & Xin Yang

Original Article | Published: 14 December 2023 | pages 3181–3191

New Content Item (1)

Estimation of lower limb joint moments based on the inverse dynamics approach: a comparison of machine learning algorithms for rapid estimation

Mohammed Mansour, Kasim Serbest, Mustafa Kutlu & Murat Cilli

Original Article | Published : 10 August 2023 | Pages: 3253 - 3276

New Content Item (1)

Common hyper-entropy patterns identified in nicotine smoking, marijuana use, and alcohol use based on uni-drug dependence cohorts

Wenyu Jiang, Luhui Cai & Ze Wang

Original Article | Published: 18 September 2023 | Pages: 3159 - 3166

New Content Item (1)

Automated diagnosis of EEG abnormalities with different classification techniques

Essam Abdellatef, Heba M. Emara, Mohamed R. Shoaib, Fatma E. Ibrahim, Mohamed Elwekeil, Walid El-Shafai, Taha E. Taha, Adel S. El-Fishawy, El-Sayed M. El-Rabaie, Ibrahim M. Eldokany & Fathi E. Abd El-Samie

Original Article | Published: 06 September 2023 | Pages: 3363 - 3385

New Content Item (1)

November 2023

Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis based on deep unrolling-based spatial constraint representation

Dajiang Lei, Tao Zhang, Yue Wu, Weisheng Li & Xinwei Li

Original Article | Published: 24 July 2023 | Pages: 2829 - 2842

New Content Item (1)

Unlocking the Potential of Zebrafish Research with Artificial Intelligence: Advancements in Tracking, Processing, and Visualization

Yi-Ling Fan, Fang-Rong Hsu, Yuhling Wang & Lun-De Liao

Review Article | Published: 09 August 2023 | Pages: 2797 - 2814

New Content Item (1)

Classification of benign and malignant parotid tumors based on CT images combined with stack generalization model

NaZiLa HaLiMaiMaiTi, Yue Hong, Min Li, Hongtao Li, Yunling Wang, Chen Chen, Xiaoyi Lv & Cheng Chen

Original Article | Published: 01 September 2023 | Pages: 3123 - 3135

New Content Item (1)

Hardware deployment of deep learning model for classification of breast carcinoma from digital mammogram images

Kayalvizhi R, Heartlin Maria H, Malarvizhi S, Revathi Venkatraman & Shantanu Patil 

Original Article | Published: 26 July 2023 | Pages: 2843 - 2857

New Content Item (1)

October 2023

A biomarker discovery of acute myocardial infarction using feature selection and machine learning

Aizatul Shafiqah Mohd Faizal, Wei Yin Hon, T. Malathi Thevarajah, Sook Mei Khor & Siow-Wee Chang

Original Article | Published: 18 May 2023 | Pages 2527–2541 

New Content Item

Non-contact high precision pulse-rate monitoring system for moving subjects in different motion states

Qing Zhang, Xingsen Lin, Yuxin Zhang, Qian Liu & Fuhong Cai

Original Article | Published: 21 July 2023 | Pages 2769–2783 

New Content Item

Super-resolution of 2D ultrasound images and videos

Simone Cammarasana, Paolo Nicolardi & Giuseppe Patanè 

Original Article | Published: 17 May 2023 | Pages 2511–2526 

New Content Item

A transfer learning approach on MRI-based radiomics signature for overall survival prediction of low-grade and high-grade gliomas

Viet Huan Le, Tran Nguyen Tuan Minh, Quang Hien Kha &  Nguyen Quoc Khanh Le

Original Article | Published: 11 July 2023 | Pages 2699–2712 

New Content Item

September 2023

Contrastive self-supervised learning for diabetic retinopathy early detection

Jihong Ouyang, Dong Mao, Zeqi Guo, Siguang Liu, Dong Xu & Wenting Wang 

Original Article | Published: 29 April 2023 | Pages 2441–2452 

New Content Item

Portable deep-learning decoder for motor imaginary EEG signals based on a novel compact convolutional neural network incorporating spatial-attention mechanism

Zhanxiong Wu, Xudong Tang, Jinhui Wu, Jiye Huang, Jian Shen & Hui Hong 

Original Article | Published: 25 April 2023 | Pages 2391–2404

New Content Item

Characterization of noise in long-term ECG monitoring with machine learning based on clinical criteria

Roberto Holgado-Cuadrado, Carmen Plaza-Seco, Lisandro Lovisolo & Manuel Blanco-Velasco 

Original Article | Published: 03 April 2023 | Pages 2227–2240

New Content Item

Ensemble classifier fostered detection of arrhythmia using ECG data

M. Ramkumar, Manjunathan Alagarsamy, A. Balakumar & S. Pradeep 

Original Article | Published: 05 May 2023 | Pages 2453–2466

New Content Item

August 2023

Transformer-based temporal sequence learners for arrhythmia classification

Ann Varghese, Suraj Kamal & James Kurian

Original Article | Published: 06 June 2023 | Pages: 1993 - 2000

New Content Item

The correlation between upper body grip strength and resting-state EEG network

Xiabing Zhang, Bin Lu, Chunli Chen, Lei Yang, Wanjun Chen, Dezhong Yao, Jingming Hou, Jing Qiu, Fali Li & Peng Xu

Original Article | Published: 20 June 2023 | Pages: 2139 - 2148

New Content Item

Automatic Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomographic Scoring in patients with acute ischemic stroke using diffusion-weighted imaging

Yan Wu, Rong Sun, Yuanzhong Xie & Shengdong Nie

Original Article | Published: 22 June 2023 | Pages: 2149 - 2157

New Content Item

A membership-function–based broad learning system for human–robot interaction force estimation under drawing task

Biwei Tang, Ruiqing Li, Jing Luo, Muye Pang & Kui Xiang

Original Article | Published: 03 June 2023 | Pages: 1975 - 1992

New Content Item

July 2023

Predicting heart failure in-hospital mortality by integrating longitudinal and category data in electronic health records

Meikun Ma, Xiaoyan Hao, Jumin Zhao, Shijie Luo, Yi Liu & Dengao Li

Original Article | Published: 24 March 2023 | Pages : 1857–1873

New Content Item

An optimal internal model proportional integral controller to improve pressure tracking profile of artificial ventilator

Debasis Acharya & Dushmanta Kumar Das

Original Article | Published: 15 March 2023 | Pages : 1807–1820

New Content Item

Continuous estimation of multi-DOF movement from sEMG based on non-negative matrix factorization and L2 regulation

Ming Meng, Guangqian Zhou, Yuliang Ma & Xugang Xi

Original Article | Published: 28 February 2023 | Pages :1675–1686

New Content Item

Examining impact forces during posterior spinal fusion to implement in a novel physics-driven virtual reality surgical simulator

Sneha Patel, Jean Ouellet & Mark Driscoll

Original Article | Published: 23 March 2023 | Pages : 1837–1843

New Content Item

June 2023

Colorectal cancer lymph node metastasis prediction with weakly supervised transformer-based multi-instance learning

Luxin Tan, Huan Li, Jinze Yu, Haoyi Zhou, Zhi Wang, Zhiyong Niu, Jianxin Li & Zhongwu Li 

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 27 February 2023| Pages: 1565 – 1580

New Content Item

Cardiorespiratory coupling in mechanically ventilated patients studied via synchrogram analysis

Davide Ottolina, Beatrice Cairo, Tommaso Fossali, Claudio Mazzucco, Antonio Castelli, Roberto Rech, Emanuele Catena, Alberto Porta & Riccardo Colombo

Original Article | Published: 26 January 2023| Pages: 1329 – 1341 

New Content Item

Design and evaluation of vascular interventional robot system for complex coronary artery lesions

Haoyang Yu, Hongbo Wang, Jiangyuan Chang, Wenjie Liu, Fuhao Wang & Jianye Niu

Original Article | Published: 27 January 2023 | Pages: 1365–1380

New Content Item

Customizable tubular model for n-furcating blood vessels and its application to 3D reconstruction of the cerebrovascular system

Michal Chlebiej, Anna Zurada, Jerzy Gielecki, Mikolaj A. Pawlak & Maciej Szkulmowski

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 26 January 2023 | Pages: 1343–1361

New Content Item

May 2023

Automated multi-beat tissue Doppler echocardiography analysis using deep neural networks

Elisabeth S. Lane, Jevgeni Jevsikov, Matthew J. Shun-shin, Niti Dhutia, Nasser Matoorian, Graham D. Cole, Darrel P. Francis & Massoud Zolgharni

Review Article | Published: 11 January 2023 | Pages: 911 - 926

New Content Item

Automated analysis of finger blood pressure recordings provides insight in determinants of baroreflex sensitivity and heart rate variability—the HELIUS study

D. Collard, B. E. Westerhof, J. M. Karemaker, W. J. Stok, P. G. Postema, C. T. P. Krediet, L. Vogt & B. J. H. van den Born

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 23 January 2023 | Pages: 1183 - 1191 

New Content Item

Quantification of body ownership awareness induced by the visual movement illusion of the lower limbs: a study of electroencephalogram and surface electromyography

Jing Li, Junhong Wang, Ting Wang, Wanzeng Kong & Xugang Xi

Review Article | Published: 20 January 2023 | Pages: 951 - 965

New Content Item

COVID-19’s influence on cardiac function: a machine learning perspective on ECG analysis 

 Juliana Carneiro Gomes, Maíra Araújo de Santana, Aras Ismael Masood, Clarisse Lins de Lima & Wellington Pinheiro dos Santos

Original Article | Published: 20 January 2023 | Pages: 1057 - 1081

New Content Item

March 2023

Differential diagnosis of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia based on DCE-MRI using bi-directional CLSTM deep learning and radiomics

Yang Zhang, Weikang Li, Zhao Zhang, Yingnan Xue, Yan-Lin Liu, Ke Nie, Min-Ying Su & Qiong Ye

Original Article | Published: 04 January 2023 | Pages: 757–771

New Content Item

Study on the blood flow characteristics of venous needle retention with different super-hydrophobic surface structures

Zhun Yu, Lei Liu, Yongzhi Deng, Xiaowen Zhang & Chao Yu   

Original Article | Published: 11 January 2023 | Pages: 867–874

New Content Item

Analyzing global features of magnetic resonance images in widespread neurodegenerative diseases: new hope to understand brain mechanism and robust neurodegenerative disease diagnosis

Farnaz Garehdaghi & Yashar Sarbaz

Original Article | Published: 04 January 2023 | Pages: 773–784

New Content Item

Flexible ureteroscope capable of acute-angled and balanced omnidirectional bending based on soft and flexible porous tube and crossed control wiring

Atsushi Yamada & Tohru Tani 

Original Article | Published: 06 January 2023 | Pages:  799–809

New Content Item

February 2023

Atrial fibrillation episode patterns as predictor of clinical outcome of catheter ablation

Javier Saiz-Vivó, Valentina D A Corino, Alba Martín-Yebra , Luca T Mainardi, 

Robert Hatala, Leif Sörnmo

Original Article | Published: 21 November 2022 | Pages: 317 – 327

New Content Item

Home-care nursing controlled mobile robot with vital signal monitoring

Caridad Mireles, Misael Sanchez, David Cruz-Ortiz, Iván Salgado & Isaac Chairez  

Original Article | Published: 29 November 2022 | Pages: 399 - 420

New Content Item

TwinEDA: a sustainable deep-learning approach for limb-position estimation in preterm infants’ depth images

Lucia Migliorelli, Alessandro Cacciatore, Valeria Ottaviani, Daniele Berardini, 

Raffaele L. Dellaca’, Emanuele Frontoni & Sara Moccia 

Original Article | Published: 28 November 2022 | Pages: 387 - 397

New Content Item

Deep learning-based system for automatic prediction of triple-negative breast cancer from ultrasound images

Alexandre Boulenger, Yanwen Luo, Chenhui Zhang, Chenyang Zhao, Yuanjing Gao, 

Mengsu Xiao, Qingli Zhu & Jie Tang 

Original Article | Published: 21 December 2022 | Pages: 567 - 578

New Content Item

January 2023

Subject-independent EEG emotion recognition with hybrid spatio-temporal GRU-Conv architecture

Guixun Xu,Wenhui Guo,Yanjiang Wang

Original Article | Published: 02 November 2022 | Pages: 61 – 73

New Content Item

Monitoring of intracerebral hemorrhage with a linear microwave imaging algorithm

İsmail Dilman, Egemen Bilgin, Mehmet Nuri Akıncı, Sema Coşğun, Semih Doğu, Mehmet Çayören & İbrahim Akduman

Original Article | Published: 29 October 2022 | Pages: 33 – 43

New Content Item

Dynamic PET images denoising using spectral graph wavelet transform

 Liqun Yi, Yuxia Sheng, Li Chai & Jingxin Zhang

Original Article | Published: 03 November 2022 | Pages: 97 – 107

New Content Item

Evaluation of computational fluid dynamics models for predicting pediatric upper airway airflow characteristics

Yicheng Chen, Xin Feng, Xieqi Shi, Weihua Cai, Biao Li & Yijun Zhao 

Original Article | Published: 11 November 2022 | Pages: 259 – 270

New Content Item

December 2022

MLRD-Net: 3D multiscale local cross-channel residual denoising network for MRI-based brain tumor segmentation

Xue Chen, Yanjun Peng, Yanfei Guo, Jindong Sun, Dapeng Li & Jianming Cui

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 03 October 2022 | Pages: 3377 - 3395

New Content Item

Impact of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on the directed connectivity of autism EEG signals: a pilot study

Jiannan Kang, Xiaoli Li, Manuel F. Casanova, Estate M. Sokhadze & Xinling Geng

Original Article | Published: October 25 2022 | Pages: 3655 - 3664

New Content Item

Nanotechnology and quantum science enabled advances in neurological medical applications: diagnostics and treatments

Sadia Batool, Hafezeh Nabipour, Seeram Ramakrishna & Masoud Mozafari

Review Article | Published: 17 08 October 2022 | Pages: 3341 - 3356

New Content Item

Neural-Symbolic Ensemble Learning for early-stage prediction of critical state of Covid-19 patients

Arnaud Nguembang Fadja, Michele Fraccaroli, Alice Bizzarri, Giulia Mazzuchelli & Evelina Lamma

Original Article | Published: 06 October 2022 | Pages: 3461 - 3474

New Content Item

November 2022

Atrial fibrosis identification with unipolar electrogram eigenvalue distribution analysis in multi-electrode arrays

Jennifer Riccio, Alejandro Alcaine, Sara Rocher, Laura Martinez-Mateu, Javier Saiz, Eric Invers-Rubio, Maria S. Guillem, Juan Pablo Martínez & Pablo Laguna

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 13 September 2022 | Pages: 3091 - 3112

MBEC Nov 2022 Highlight_01

Correlation between conduction velocity and frequency analysis in patients with atrial fibrillation using high-density charge mapping

Lam Dang, Nathan Angel, Min Zhu, Jean-Marc Vesin & Christoph Scharf

Original Article | Published: 06 September 2022 | Pages: 3081 - 3090

MBEC Nov 2022 Highlight_02

Depression diagnosis using machine intelligence based on spatiospectrotemporal analysis of multi-channel EEG

Amir Nassibi, Christos Papavassiliou & S. Farokh Atashzar

Original Article | Published: 17 September 2022 | Pages: 3187 - 3202

MBEC Nov 2022 Highlight_03

A deep learning approach to median nerve evaluation in ultrasound images of carpal tunnel inlet

Mariachiara Di Cosmo, Maria Chiara Fiorentino, Francesca Pia Villani, Emanuele Frontoni, Gianluca Smerilli, Emilio Filippucci & Sara Moccia

Original Article | Open Access | Published: 24 September 2022 | Pages: 3255 - 3264

MBEC Nov 2022 Highlight_04

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