Frontiers in Biology

ISSN: 1674-7984 (Print) 1674-7992 (Online)


Frontiers in Biology is a bimonthly academic English journal supervised by the Ministry of Education of China. The journal is sponsored by Higher Education Press and jointly published by Higher Education Press and Springer. The journal is available in both print and electronic versions.

Frontiers in Biology provides a forum for a broad range of invited and unsolicited high quality critical review papers, in English, on the latest advances in all areas of Biology in order to promote rapid communication and the exchange of ideas among biologists all around the world. Frontiers in Biology also publishes, from time to time, original scientific research, short communications, selected topics, timely reviews, mini-reviews, and a section devoted to correspondence and comments. The primary criterion for publication is that the articles present new insights that are of broad interest to biological scientists, biomedical scientists, and health professionals with a presentation style appropriate for a wide audience of biologists. This includes biological research in the disciplines of genetics and genomics, proteomics, neurobiology, cell and developmental biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, medical biology, microbiology, immunology, and plane sciences.

Frontiers in Biology is founded on four key tenets: (1) to publish the most exciting research in the journal's scope; (2) to provide the most rapid turnaround time possible for reviewing and publishing a research paper, (3) to feature the highest quality reproduction of data, and (4) to provide, in the front section of the journal, a more interactive format for commentaries, opinion pieces, and the exchange of information and ideas in review articles, meeting reports, and insightful overviews of featured research papers.

Frontiers in Biology is an important forum and ideal vehicle for experimental reports in the most competitive and emerging areas for the following reasons: Rapid response to pre-submission inquiries, submission by online or e-mail, rapid review, special submission, rapid publication upon acceptance.

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