Russian Metallurgy (Metally)

ISSN: 0036-0295 (Print) 1555-6255 (Online)


Russian Metallurgy (Metally) (Izvestiya Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Metally) publishes original experimental and theoretical investigations, as well as reviews and collections of papers devoted to topical problems of metallurgy, physical metallurgy, and treatment of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare, and other metals and alloys, intermetallic compounds, and metallic composite materials. The main directions of research published here are physicochemical properties of metallurgical materials; physicochemical processes; theoretical aspects of metallurgical production processes; metal forming; thermoplastic and thermochemical treatment; computation and determination of phase and thermokinetic diagrams; mechanisms and kinetics of phase transformations in metallic materials; relations between the chemical composition, phase and structural states of structural and functional materials and their physicochemical and service properties; interaction between metallic materials and external media.

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