Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ISSN: 1019-3316 (Print) 1555-6492 (Online)


The Russian Academy of Sciences publishes more than 250 journals, first among these being the Herald (Vestnik), produced since 1931, which covers the Academy´s activities as a whole. It publishes major works, speeches, and discussions presented to the Academy by the most eminent Russian and foreign scientists, representing the viewpoints of various disciplines on subjects important to the natural, technical, and social sciences. It addresses the scientist´s role in society and the role of scientific knowledge in the modern world. Here, top scientists discuss important issues involving our world that affect all areas of science, education, and the environment. The journal regularly devotes space to reporting the work of the Presidium of the Academy, results of research groups, awards, prizes, and nominations. Now available in English, the Herald is indispensable for university and research departments, libraries, and researchers wanting to keep abreast of news and trends in their fields.

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