Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia

ISSN: 1563-0110 (Print) 1531-832X (Online)


Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia presents and analyzes materials relating to the archaeology, ethnology and anthropology of Eurasia, including North and Central Asia.

The journal publishes papers on a wide range of research topics, including Quaternary geology; Pleistocene and Holocene paleoecology; methods of archaeological, anthropological and ethnographical research, including field and laboratory techniques; information technology; migrations of early populations; paleosociological and paleoeconomic reconstruction; evolution of human physical type; paleopopulation genetics; primitive art; astroarchaeology; cultures of indigenous populations and ethnocultural processes.

The journal also presents results of field investigations by archaeologists, anthropologists, and ethnologists, and announcements of symposia and professional meetings. It is the goal of this publication to provide authors with an international forum for the presentation of their materials and ideas.

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