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Aims and scope

Science China Chemistry, an academic journal cosponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and published by Science China Press, is committed to publishing high-quality, original results in both basic and applied research.

Science China Chemistry is published in both print and electronic forms. It is indexed by Science Citation Index.

Categories of articles include:

Highlights. Brief summaries and scholarly comments on recent research achievements in any field of chemistry. Highlights are ~500 words in length with one figure and a maximum of two references.

Perspectives.Concise reports on thelatest chemistry trends of interest to scientists worldwide, including discussions of research breakthroughs and interpretations of important science and funding policies. Perspectives are ~1000 words in length with one to two figures/tables and a maximum of 10 references.

Reviews.In-depth summaries of representative results and achievements of the past 5–10 years in selected topics based on or closely related to the research expertise of the authors, providing a thorough assessment of the significance, current status, and future research directions of the field. Reviews are no more than 8000 words in length with a maximum of 100 references.

Mini Reviews. Concise, short reviews, no more than 4500 words in length with at most 80 references.

Feature Articles. An overview of the most recent work of the author and his/her group. Generally experts in a field who have made significant contributions in recent years will be invited to write Feature Articles. They are no more than 8000 words in length.

Communications. Short articles reporting important research results in chemistry for which urgent communication to the scientific community is warranted. Communications are 2000–3000 words in length with two to four figures/tables and a maximum of 20 references.

Articles. Original reports, with a maximum of 50 references, to cover important results in any area of chemistry.