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Aims and scope

Founded in 1997, the International Journal of Hindu Studies supports critical inquiry, hermeneutical interpretive proposals, and historical investigation into all aspects of Hindu traditions. The journal is committed to publishing academic work on well-established topics in Hindu Studies (as well as Indian religions in ways that will connect with Hindu texts and traditions), to fostering new work in neglected areas, and to stimulating the formulation of alternative perspectives on a wide range of topics. In addition, the journal encourages the development of areas of research that have cross-disciplinary relevance or fresh implications for this field. Contributions of a comparative or theoretical nature are welcome. Each submission to the journal will receive double-blind review. 

The journal’s field of interest—Hindu Studies—is understood in a broadly civilizational way rather than in some parochial or narrowly religious way. There is no need to think in terms of the religious versus secular dichotomy when referring to things Hindu. No need to restrict articles or other contributions to the realm of “religion.”