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A Global Journal of Philosophy

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Founded in 1971, Philosophia is a distinguished journal that has provided a platform to many prominent philosophers including Annette Baier, Kenneth Arrow, A.J. Ayer, Roderick Chisholm, Bas van Fraassen, William Frankena, P.T. Geach, Alan Gewirth, Dorothy Grover, Jaakko Hintikka, Eva Kittay, Arne Naess, Richard Popkin, Ruth Anna Putnam, W.V.O. Quine, Gilbert Ryle, Marcus Singer, Peter Singer, J.J.C. Smart, P.F. Strawson, and many others. Philosophia also published papers of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Rudolf Carnap.

Philosophia is global in scope, submissions, and readership. We welcome submissions in English from across the world including from perspectives that are under-represented in the field. Submissions should be broadly accessible scholarly contributions on topics of current or emerging philosophical interest, and must adhere to high standards of clarity and argumentation. 

Philosophia welcomes contributions in traditional areas of philosophy such as normative ethics, meta-ethics, epistemology, aesthetics, political philosophy, general philosophy of science, philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. The journal also encourages contributions to emerging areas such as applied philosophy of language, environmental philosophy, and philosophy of technology, as well as research that advances one or more of Springer Nature‚Äôs Sustainable Development Goals. 

Contributions to the journal may take the form of special issues or collections, topical papers, state-of-the art surveys, topical symposia, short discussion notes, and Author-Meets-Critics symposia.

Double-blind review procedure
The journal follows a double-blind reviewing procedure. Authors are therefore requested to place their name and affiliation on a separate page. Self-identifying citations and references in the article text should either be avoided or left blank when manuscripts are first submitted. Authors are responsible for reinserting self-identifying citations and references when manuscripts are prepared for final submission.

Please read our Editorial Policies carefully before you submit your paper to this journal