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Aims and scope

Psychometrika, the official journal of the Psychometric Society, is devoted to the development of psychology as a quantitative rational science. Articles examine statistical methods, discuss mathematical techniques, and advance theory for evaluating behavioral data in psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences generally. There are three main sections in Psychometrika: Theory and Methods, Application Reviews and Case Studies (ARCS), and Book Reviews. Additionally, there is a section online for software, data, and other electronic supplementary material for the articles in these sections.

Theory and Methods is the primary section, and it contains articles that present original research on the development of quantitative models for psychological phenomena, and on quantitative methodology in the social and behavioral sciences, including new mathematical and statistical techniques for the evaluation of psychological data and the application of such techniques.

Application Reviews and Case Studies (ARCS) is a distinct section of Psychometrika. It is devoted to highlighting the essential connection between novel methodology and its application to empirical data in psychology, education, and related areas in the social sciences in a way that deepens the substantive understanding of underlying phenomena in one of these disciplines. Manuscripts published in ARCS are expected to be methodologically rigorous and illustrate the application of innovative methodology with one or more real data examples of general interest to educational, psychological, social, or behavioral scientists. Manuscripts focused on novel applications of an existing method are also encouraged.

Book Reviews are the third main section of Psychometrika. Book topics include psychometrics, quantitative psychology, and areas in statistics and data mining, as well as substantive areas in psychology, social sciences, etc. that are inspiring for quantitative work in Psychometrika.

Officially cited as: Psychometrika