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Metabolomics - Metabolomics Awards 2022

Every journal publishes papers and reviews that they are very proud of, and Metabolomics is no different. In order to recognize the excellent research published in this journal the following prizes will be awarded to the most downloaded original articles and reviews published in the previous year: Congratulations to the following 2022 winners!

2021 Best Paper Award - Winner

Spanier, B., Laurençon, A., Weiser, A., Pujol, N., Omi, S., Barsch, A., Korf, A., Meyer, S.W., Ewbank, J.J., Paladino, F., Garvis, S., Aguilaniu, H. & Witting, M. (2021) Comparison of lipidome profiles of Caenorhabditis elegans—results from an inter‐laboratory ring trial. Metabolomics 17:25.

2021 Best Paper Award - Runner Up

Nizioł, J., Copié, V., Tripet, B.P., Nogueira, L.B., Nogueira, K.O.P.C., Ossoliński, K., Arendowski, A. & Ruman, T. (2021) Metabolomic and elemental profiling of human tissue in kidney cancer. Metabolomics 17: 30.

2021 Best Review Award - Winner

Misra, B.B. (2021) New software tools, databases, and resources in metabolomics: updates from 2020. Metabolomics 17: 49.

2021 Best Review Award - Runner Up

Lech, J.C., Dorfsman, S.I., Répás, Z., Krüger, T.P.J., Gyalai, I.M. & Boros, L.G. (2021) What to feed or what not to feed-that is still the question. Metabolomics 17: 102.