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VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations - Virtual special issue: The previous editors' selection of well-recognized papers

Virtual special issue: The previous editors' selection of well-recognized papers

The outgoing editors, Taco Brandsen and Ruth Simsa, have made a personal selection of papers they consider representative of the strength and diversity of Voluntas. These are now re-published in this virtual issue, as a sign of gratitude to the journal's authors, reviewers and readers, without whom none of our work of the past six years would have been possible. 

“The Evolution of Third Sector Research and the Journal Voluntas: The Editors’ Impressions” by Ruth Simsa & Taco Brandsen.

1. “Beyond Nonprofits: Re-conceptualizing the Third Sector” by Salamon, Lester M.; Sokolowski, S. Wojciech.

2. “A Century of Nonprofit Studies: Scaling the Knowledge of the Field” by Ma, Ji; Konrath, Sara.

3. “Changing Policy Environments in Europe and the Resilience of the Third Sector” by Pape, Ulla; Brandsen, Taco; Pahl, Joachim Benedikt; Pielinski, Bartosz; Baturina, Danijel; Brookes, Nadia; Chaves-avila, Rafael; Kendall, Jeremy; Matancevic, Jelena; Petrella, Francesca; Rentzsch, Christina; Richez-Battesti, Nadine; Savall-Morera, Teresa; Simsa, Ruth; Zimmer, Annette.

4. “Fundamentals for an International Typology of Social Enterprise Models” by Defourny, Jacques; Nyssens, Marthe.

5. “Purpose, Commitment and Coordination Around Small Wins: A Proactive Approach to Governance in Integrated Hybrid Organizations” by Wolf, Miriam; Mair, Johanna.

6. “Participatory Governance in Social Enterprise” by Pestoff, Victor; Hulgard, Lars.

7. “Third Sector Organizations and Migration: A Systematic Literature Review on the Contribution of Third Sector Organizations in View of Flight, Migration and Refugee Crises” By Garkisch, Michael; Heidingsfelder, Jens; Beckmann, Markus.

8.“Volunteer Motivation and Organizational Climate: Factors that Promote Satisfaction and Sustained Volunteerism in NPOs” by Nencini, Alessio; Romaioli, Diego; Meneghini, Anna Maria.

9. “Systematic Review of Motives for Episodic Volunteering” by Dunn, Jeff; Chambers, Suzanne K.; Hyde, Melissa K.

10.“The Pyramid of Nonprofit Responsibility: The Institutionalization of Organizational Responsibility Across Sectors Pope” by Shawn; Bromley, Patricia; Lim, Alwyn; Meyer, John W. 

11. “Understanding Service Contracting and Its Impact on NGO Development in China” by Zhao, Rong; Wu, Zhongsheng; Tao, Chuanjin.           

12. “Exploring Factors that Influence Voluntary Disclosure by Chinese Foundations” by Nie, Lin; Liu, Helen K.; Cheng, Wenhao. 

13. “NGO Strategies in an Authoritarian Context, and Their Implications for Citizenship: The Case of the People's Republic of China” by Hsu, Jennifer Y. J.; Hsu, Carolyn L.; Hasmath, Reza.

Open access articles

14. “Contemporary Philanthropy in the Spotlight: Pushing the Boundaries of Research on a Global and Contested Social Practice” by Georg von Schnurbein, Marta Rey-Garcia & Michaela Neumayr.

15. “The Global Study of Philanthropic Behavior” by Pamala Wiepking.

16. “Urban Social Movements and the Right to the City: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Urban Mobilization” by Domaradzka, Anna.

17. “Connecting Society and Policymakers? Conceptualizing and Measuring the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Act as Transmission Belts” by Albareda, Adria.

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