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VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations - Best Paper Awards

The International Society for Third Sector Research has awarded Best Paper to the following papers from Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. Each article will be freely available after August 3rd through the end of September.

Winner for 2021

Government/Foundation Relations: A Conceptual Framework and Evidence from the U.S. Federal Government’s Partnership Efforts
By Stefan Toepler & Alan Abramson
VOLUNTAS, Volume 32: Issue 2 (April), pp. 220–233

Winner for 2020

Does Implicit Color Bias Reduce Giving? Learnings from Fundraising Survey Using Implicit Association Test (IAT)
By Abhishek Bhati
VOLUNTAS, Volume 32: Issue 2 (April), pp. 340–350 

Winner for 2019 

Purpose, Commitment and Coordination Around Small Wins: A Proactive Approach to Governance in Integrated Hybrid Organizations
By Miriam Wolf and Johanna Mair
VOLUNTAS, Volume 30: Issue 3 (June), pp. 535–548

Winner for 2018

Defining the Scope of Aid Reduction and Its Challenges for Civil Society Organizations: Laying the Foundation for New Theory
By Christopher Pallas, Quinn Anderson & Mark Sidel
VOLUNTAS, Volume 29: Issue 2 (April), pp. 256–270