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Aims and scope

Viruses are convenient models for the elucidation of life processes. The study of viruses is again on the cutting edge of biological sciences: systems biology, genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, using the newest most powerful tools.

Huge amounts of new details on virus interactions with the cell, other pathogens and the hosts – animal (including human), insect, fungal, plant, bacterial, and archaeal - and their role in infection and disease are forthcoming in perplexing details requiring analysis and comments.

Virus Genes is dedicated to the publication of studies on the structure and function of viruses and their genes, the molecular and systems interactions with the host and all applications derived thereof, providing a forum for the analysis of data and discussion of its implications, and the development of new hypotheses.

VIRUS GENES publishes

  • studies on analysis of virus genes, gene products and functions, regulation of virus gene function, cell biology of virus infection
  • functional studies of genes and gene families, encoded by eukaryotic, prokaryotic and archaeal viruses, viroids, as well as unconventional and novel infectious agents
  • phylogenetic and evolutionary data from all virus genera and families
  • systems biology of virus-host interactions
  • next generation sequencing of complex infectious samples for genomic, transcriptomic, and metagenomic studies
  • studies on antivirals affecting specific virus or host gene functions

VIRUS GENES does NOT publish purely descriptive studies, e.g., primary sequence data of known viruses based on local sample collections.

Papers are organized as

  • Original work (Full papers)
  • Short reports
  • (Mini-)Reviews
  • Correspondence (letters to editor)
  • Editorials

Manuscripts with Original work, Short reports, and (Mini-)Reviews undergo a peer review process. Correspondence and Editorials are published at the discretion of the editors.